Friday, 1 July 2016

Mid sem Eval

So this week i mainly worked on two functions inside the Turtle JS environment. I implemented the diff and the revert to a commit function. The diff function of each the activity has to be specific for itself, for eg: in TurtleJS the diff function should return the difference in the commits in terms of blocks changed, i.e., number of blocks added and removed, their connections and their values. So the task was to make the diff output as easy to understand as possible. To make it possible a diff parser had to implemented, in this parser the diff output is given.
Eg: of a diff output created by dulwich porcelain.diff_tree function A test diff output
The parser takes into account the given jsons of two commits. At present the diff output is shown of two consecutive commits.

For the second task i.e., creating the revert to a commit function, the diff output was used in this case also. The UI of this has not been implemented yet, but the final UI will be in the form of a slider bar which will have all the commit messages and the on click on a certain commit message the page pushes that commit to the server.

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